Business immigration Canada is becoming increasingly famous through the program of immigrant investors Quebec

The company JTH Lawyers is a firm of lawyers specializing in the subject of immigration; its purpose is to help company investors as well as entrepreneurs around the world to obtain permanent residence in United States. His work has been outstanding since they opened their doors in 2002, reaching out to more than 1,000 immigrant families from more than 70 countries in all the procedures involved in obtaining citizenship through investment (citizen ship by investment) in Canada through passive investment. The investor visa canada is increasingly requested, reaching a great worldwide reputation.

In this sense, Quebec, the beautiful province that offers an enormous quality of life, quality education and optimal health care systems together with a diverse economy and a mixture of cultures that allows any newcomer to feel at home also offer a program of Quebec immigrant investor program. The qiip was created in 1968 after the Federal Program of Immigrant Investors (FIIP), and although the latter no longer exists, the qiip is in charge of each year thousands of families with investment aspirations approaching the Quebec area. The Quebec investor program has a series of requirements with which you must meet to be part of it, you can consult them at

Business legislation Canada is an increasingly popular alternative for those who would like to live in this nation. A canada investor visa can be obtained through passive investments, with which your loved ones and you’re able to afford to stay in this beautiful nation. The investor visa canada immigration supposes the canada investment legislation since its principal objective is to attract those people interested in boosting the Canadian economy to the country. Find out about it and know one of the best choices by which you can opt if you are an investor.

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