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What do you think if you are the protagonist in your favorite game and the story is how you would like it? does it sound exciting? Create your own environment and your own story in levelshack Episode, click here, this game you will not want to leave when you start creating exciting and original stories.
It is a game that you can get in two versions, for Android, and for iOS, and how do you start playing it? Enter the page https://www.levelshack.com/episode/,coloca your username, type of platform and connect, so simple that you cannot believe it.

No matter what stories you think of, you can be a basketball player who will play in the nationals and conquer the girl of your dreams, you can also be a fireman who becomes the hero of the whole town by saving several children and the elderly from a critical situation, or being a ballet dancer in her great presentation of the Swan Lake, you just have to dream and make it come true in the game.
You will wonder if that is all you have to do, but you are missing two things to enjoy the fun, the gems and the passes, what are these things? are the coins with which you acquire what you need when creating environments and the characters. They are free, they will recharge your gems and passes daily, but since you will be having a lot of fun, they will run out and you will want more, that is where you will have to buy them. But you calm because we’re going to give you some tricks so you do not go bankrupt.
The first trick that we will give you is that you only have to enter the Episode forum and get codes from other players, be patient, you will not wait long. The other trick is that we have a generator online, which is 100% safe, free of viruses, you just have to visit here
Now you lack the passes, these are not going to give many, but with our hack Episode, you will get all the passes you need, without wasting time or money.

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